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Affiliate Partner

Do you write on a technology or business blog and have an audience that could find TimeCamp useful?

Share a TimeCamp referral link on your blog, youtube video or social media post. Earn 30% lifetime commission for every paying customer that registers through your link.

Reseller Partner

Are you a software reseller? Do you advise businesses and would like to add TimeCamp to your offering?

Join our strategic Reseller program, receive our full support and training throughout your sales funnel and earn lifetime commission starting from 30%.

Integration Partner

Are you a business SaaS product looking to add time tracking functionality and extend your tech ecosystem?

Integrate with TimeCamp directly through TimeCamp API or via our browser plugin.

TimeCamp affiliate hero

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Affiliate Partner

Apply to our affiliate program and receive your own referral link to paste in the content you share, on your blog, in social media posts, in your paid ads campaigns, etc.

Benefits Earn a lifetime 30% commission from all revenue you bring to us, while bringing value to your audience.

Get access to product descriptions, marketing materials, ad creatives etc, to help you promote TimeCamp to your audience.

Perfect for Bloggers, Youtubers, Influencers, Online Course Instructors, Comparison Websites, Ad Arbitrageurs, etc.

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Reseller Partner

Apply to our Reseller Program and join as TimeCamps strategic partner, where you bring us deals or warm leads you want us to help you sell.

Benefits Extend your product offering by referring a world class time tracking solution to your clients and be well compensated for that. Earnings start from 30% lifetime, and can come in the form of monthly payouts or license price discounts, whichever you prefer.

We provide you with assistance throughout the sales funnel, jump on calls and train you and your strategic clients to prepare you for success. In addition we give you access to product demos, product descriptions, marketing materials, ad creatives and much more.

Perfect for Software resellers, office hardware providers, business consultancies, marketing agencies, digital transformation consultants.

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Integration Partner

If you’re looking for a way to expand your product functionality by letting your users accurately track time on any project, task, client, or whatever it is your customers use your tool to work on, integrating with TimeCamp is a no brainer.

How to integrate There’s more than one way you can integrate with TimeCamp. For those looking for a simple integration it might be enough to work with the browser plugin, public code of which is available on GitHub. For a more advanced connection, it’s best to work with TimeCamp API. You can learn more on all the ways you can integrate with TimeCamp from our knowledge base article.

Perfect for SaaS companies, especially Project and Task management tools, CRMs, tools for Accounting, Finance, HR, Helpdesk teams, etc.

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