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Check how TimeCamp helped Aktana - a company engaged in global healthcare, transform and streamline its global operations.


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Key challenges

  • check-mark-with-circleMany offices across the globe with their own systems of time tracking
  • check-mark-with-circleLack of unified project structures
  • check-mark-with-circleComplexity of project structures


  • check-mark-with-circleTime tracking in projects
  • check-mark-with-circleReports
  • check-mark-with-circleReports export

Key outcomes

  • check-mark-with-circleUnified and standardized methods of time tracking in projects
  • check-mark-with-circleEasier information exchange between offices around the world

Meet the experts

Aktana revolutionizes the commercial engagement model, leveraging the power of data science and intelligence. Their intelligent engagement platform unites key stakeholders - including brand, operations, sales, IT, and analytics - in a collaborative effort to provide a more personalized and responsive experience for healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Through carefully applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Aktana places customer desire at the center, adapting commercial strategies accordingly. This enables Aktana's customers to connect their strategies with execution across all channels, identify effective approaches, and optimize campaign strategies in real-time.

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Aktana faced significant hurdles in managing its global operations. With offices spread across North and South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe, the company operated as a collection of separate entities using different systems.

As a result, transferring project estimations, timelines, and other critical information between offices proved to be an impossible challenge. A unified system for project naming, structure, and time tracking could have helped collaboration and impeded performance evaluation.

the solution

Recognizing the need for a cohesive solution, Aktana turned to TimeCamp. The implementation of TimeCamp allowed Aktana to transition from a collection of dispersed offices to a unified global entity.

With TimeCamp's comprehensive time tracking capabilities, Aktana overcame the barriers hindering effective collaboration and performance evaluation. The platform provided a standardized approach to time tracking, project management, and reporting, enabling seamless comparisons of similar projects across continents.

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Enjoy the

Aktana observed several significant benefits following the implementation of TimeCamp:

Streamlined global operations
TimeCamp established a consistent standard for time tracking across Aktana's global services team. This facilitated effective project profitability measurement, evaluation of project effectiveness by region and client, and global reporting.

Standardized language and project measurement
TimeCamp played a crucial role in harmonizing project language and measurement practices globally. It enabled the consistent definition and refinement of project-related terminology and standardized project evaluation methodologies.

Efficient project management and administration
TimeCamp served as a centralized hub for master project management and administration. By consolidating project-related data and streamlining administrative tasks, TimeCamp saved valuable time and improved operational efficiency.

By partnering with TimeCamp, Aktana successfully navigated the challenges associated with global operations. The integration of TimeCamp's time tracking and project management capabilities enabled Aktana to transcend the limitations of dispersed offices and operate as a unified global organization.

With streamlined operations, standardized practices, and improved project management, Aktana continues to excel in delivering personalized and data-driven commercial engagement solutions in the dynamic healthcare landscape. TimeCamp has been pivotal in empowering Aktana to adapt and thrive amidst constant change.

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