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Register time for specific work projects. Follow your business hours. Maximize productivity like a professional.

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How you can benefit from Azure DevOps integration

In fact, you can configure our integration in a matter of minutes and get an idea of how much time your team is spending on different projects.

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Never lose a single billable minute. Just simply make your projects profitable.


Promptly check if the project has experienced delays and find ways to solve them.


Plan and budget projects better with time tracking information.


Automatic creation of invoices based on tracked work time.


Enough with jumping between applications and tabs while working.


Log the time you spend on tasks with no distraction.


Learn about our features and uncover the full potential of TimeCamp integration

Track activity

Check the time dedicated to working on a specific project if a person is working on more than one project at the same time.

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Project management

Adjust revenue and cost metrics easily and immediately check real-time profitability.

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Bill clients according to time worked - precisely measured.

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Desktop application

The app is discreet, but always at the forefront, so you remember to track working hours.

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chrome extension

Track time directly in Azure DevOps

Chrome Plugin

You and your team can now easily track time directly in Azure DevOps with our Google Chrome plugin.

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chrome plugin integration extension
Track. Measure. Improve.

Better time tracking and reporting for Azure DevOps users.

TimeCamp and Azure devops integration

TimeCamp can be integrated with the Azure DevOps platform to give you a complete breakdown of the time spent on a particular project. It can be connected with Git repositories and other work management tools in Azure DevOps to monitor your performance.

It is an efficient Azure DevOps task time tracking software that will help improve your productivity, get accurate reports for your work time, monitor billable hours, and track your team's performance.

Azure DevOps time tracking

TimeCamp offers easy integration with Azure DevOps to enable you to track time when fixing code defects, removing bugs, and building and deploying applications. Start time tracking in Azure DevOps and discover a new level of productivity!

How time tracking in Azure DevOps works

Integrate TimeCamp with the Azure DevOps platform and its features, including Git repositories, Azure pipelines, Azure Boards, Azure Test Plans, and Azure Artifacts.

Azure DevOps time trackerwill give insightful reports about your project, keep track of your team's activities, and enable you to learn how to improve their productivity.

Track time without effort

With TimeCamp, you don't have to worry about manually switching tasks or filling timesheets. Once you enable the Azure DevOps time tracking extension, TimeCamp automatically does that for you with the Azure DevOps task time tracking tools.

Just focus on the project or specific assignment, and it will measure the time in the background without switching to another tab.

Effective project management

Azure DevOps time tracking helps you to manage projects and tasks without effort! Azure DevOps board time tracking and TFS time tracking tools make it easy for project managers and freelancers to track, plan, and corroborate between team members.

Detailed reports give you insight into various stages and aspects of the project. Use this data to optimize workflow, implement better solutions or monitor budget and deadline.

Get more benefits with one tool

Azure DevOps time tracking with TimeCamp helps generate professional invoices for a client's billable hours, assign hourly rates to specific team members, and also helps them submit timesheets for approval. A time tracker and administrative support service in one app!

How to enable the TimeCamp and Azure DevOps integration

You'll need administrator's privileges to enable TimeCamp and Azure DevOps integration.

Follow these simple six steps to achieve this:

Step 1: Sign up/login into TimeCamp

First, create a TimeCamp account if you don't already have one.

Login to your TimeCamp account.

Step 2: Navigate to the integration bookmark

Go to settings and navigate to the integration bookmark.

Step 3: Enable Azure integrations

On the list of available add-ons that appear on your screen, find Azure DevOps.

Click on the "enable" button.

Step 4: Enable integration

Click on the "enable integration" button to integrate your TimeCamp and Azure DevOps accounts.

Step 5: Accept the request on your Azure account

You will receive a message from TimeCamp asking permission to access your Azure DevOps accounts.

Click on the "accept" button.

Step 6: Select the project

TimeCamp will show you a list of workspaces and projects assigned to you.

Select the projects you wish to synchronize. Then, click on the green "save" button.

And it's done! You will now be able to track the time spent on each work time. TimeCamp will automatically import your projects divided into categories (Bugs, epics, features, issues, tasks, test cases, and user stories).

Now you can go to the project management page. The projects and tasks are already there, under the main project tagged "Azure DevOps".

Benefits of Azure DevOps time tracking integration

TFS time tracker

TimeCamp enables TFS time tracking that can help you measure the work time for your project.

With TimeCamp time tracking integration, you can activate employer time tracking using TFS by logging time for your software development assignments.

It will help measure the profitability of a project, boost productivity, identify the areas that need improvement, measure the output of employees, and improve the work process for clients' overall satisfaction.

Workflow automation

TimeCamp enables you to automate and optimize your workflow. The time tracking add-ons helps you and your team members to focus on the project by offering administrative task management functionality.

The Azure DevOps task time tracking helps you stay updated with the team's performance by automatically generating reports and filling out timesheets. It allows teams to track time spent on projects, fill out timesheets in seconds, and save time and money on admin tasks.

The Azure DevOps board time tracking integration with TimeCamp also optimizes the work process by enabling you to monitor, manage, plan and discuss the project with team members.

Keep an eye on the budget

Sticking to the budget is not a piece of cake, but with the Azure DevOps task time tracking integration, it could be easier than you think! Thanks to the comprehensive hourly report, you can estimate all costs without the risk of overspending your budget during the project implementation.

Ease of use

Our Azure DevOps time tracking integration with TimeCamp is easy to set up. You can accomplish this in 6 easy steps. Manage your time using timesheets in our mobile app (iOS, Android), desktop app for macOS, Windows, and Linux, or directly in your web browser. Install our Chrome or Edge extension to add a time tracking button to 70+ different work apps.

More than time tracking

TimeCamp is more than a simple timer for Azure DevOps board time tracking or TFS time tracking. Our software will help you improve the software development process with different reports. It provides several features, which include productivity tracking, reporting, timesheet approvals, invoicing, attendance, billing rates, and budgeting.

Manage your team of developers with attendance monitoring and provide proof of work and billable work time for clients with PDF or Excel export. You can automatically generate and issue invoices to clients based on time entries.

Boosts productivity

Azure DevOps time tracking integration with TimeCamp helps to boost the productivity of your project team. Once installed, the app records the time spent on a project, the website visited, and the applications opened during the work process.

Knowing that it is monitoring their output will help them become more focused and improve their work habits. It will also let you know how well your team is doing, how much value they bring to the project, and the areas in which they need improvement.

Free plan

The Azure DevOps time tracking free plan offers you a 14-day free trial. This plan supports unlimited users on both mobile and desktop apps. Take advantage of this offer by adding all your team members to try out this app.