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Register time for individual projects. Record working hours. Maximize productivity the way professionals do.

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How can you benefit from iCal integration

When you set up our integration, it gives you an overview of how much time your team is dedicating to various projects.

benefits ical integration

Make sure you never let billable hours go to waste. Ensure that the project is cost-effective.


Figure out in advance if the project is running behind schedule.


Upscale productivity thanks to worktime reports including activities scheduled in your calendar.


Automatically generate invoices in line with the tracked time.


Track time more accurate and effortless as events go to timesheet straight from the calendar.


Monitor the time spent on assignments without any interruptions.


Check out how our integration works

Clock in how works

Often recurring meetings? Don't like filling out timesheets? Add all events to your calendar, enable integration and get your timesheet ready!

Clock in how works

Events from your calendar will be visible on your timesheet at the time you have selected in your calendar. The name of the event will be visible in the note.

Clock in how works

What's more, TimeCamp allows its users to automatically track time on projects/tasks based on keywords. Just use the meeting/event name as a keyword when creating or editing a task.


Explore our features and discover the full potential of TimeCamp integration

Activity tracking

Keep track of the amount of time spent on a particular task if one person is working on a variety of projects at the same time.

activity tracking project

Manage projects

Determine income and expenses effortlessly and instantly check profitability in real time.

project management timecamp

Get reports

Make clients accountable for time worked - measured in detail.

reporting timecamp

Desktop App

The app is highly discreet and remains at the front, so you are assured that you will never fail to track your work time.

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Check what others say about TimeCamp

Better time tracking and reporting

for Ical users.

TimeCamp and Ical integration

TimeCamp is a time tracking app for iCal, that allows you to monitor and manage your time. iCal is a computer file format for storing calendar data that can be imported and exported across multiple platforms.

iCal integration with TimeCamp allows you to export data from an iCal format such as Apple Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, Yahoo! Calendar, and some booking sites such as Airbnb and Booking.com.

The extensions are .ical, .ics, .ifb, and .icalendar. When copying the URL to integrate with other apps, ensure that is the right one.

The iCal TimeCamp integration is a seamless process, and time-tracking individual or team projects is easy and practical.

You won't have to worry about employee work logs and payroll if you're in business. For freelancers working per hour, it will be easy to generate PDF timesheets to attach to the invoice for work done.

Just complete a simple integration process to activate TimeCamp's time tracker on all of your iCal activities and get the most out of your week!

Ical time tracking

Having a calendar is one thing, and staying on top of your game with all scheduled activities is another. iCal time tracking monitors how much time you spend on meetings and events to allow you to level up your productivity.

With TimeCamp time tracking integration, you'll be able to track time spent on all of your scheduled iCal appointments and have a clear outlook on your productivity. You get to see tasks done and tasks due to meet an upcoming deadline.

How time tracking with Ical works

Time tracking with iCal works by automatically importing your calendar events, notes, and meetings as new entries into TimeCamp sheets. It automatically assigns new events to appropriate projects using identified keywords taking note of assigned persons, if any.

You do not need administrative privileges to access and edit your calendar, nor do you need to manually copy data from the calendar, saving you lots of time.

Once the iCal integration is all set, all you need are reports you generate from the TimeCamp app in PDF format.

Whether you're working on a project or you're attending a meeting with your team, TimeCamp will track your time spent on every task scheduled in your iCal app.

How to enable the TimeCamp and Ical time tracking integration 

Follow these simple steps to enable the TimeCamp and Ical time tracking integration. Ensure you have a TimeCamp account before starting. Start here if you don't; register for a 14-day free trial.

1. Copy the Ical URL

Go to your calendar and copy the shareable link of your Ical calendar. If you're on Office 365. Follow these Steps

  • Log in
  • Select Calendar App
  • Click on settings
  • Select options at the bottom of the menu
  • Go to calendar share calendars and click publish
  • Select the calendar of your choice
  • Go to the 'Shows availability, titles and locations' section and copy the shareable link.

If you're using a MacBook, do this:

  • Open the Calendar App
  • Select the calendar you wish to integrate, click on the share button, Then choose public calendar and the share button.
  • Copy the URL

2. Integrate with the TimeCamp app

Go to the TimeCamp app. Select settings and then choose the integration tab.

Click on calendar integration and then settings.

Paste the iCal URL here or schedule a time for it to import and sync.

Benefits of Ical time tracking integration

Time tracking with Ical is easy, project-oriented, and aimed at improving the productivity of individuals and teams. Here are the pros in detail.

Easy to integrate

Even with all that data on tasks and events, iCal integration is easy.

In addition, iCal's time tracking is compatible with over a hundred other apps, meaning you won't have to jump between apps to monitor time spent on various tasks.

Keep working in your calendar as usual, and when you're ready, import the information to TimeCamp, and the app will automatically generate sheets.

Increasing personal productivity

Don't concentrate on productivity alone. Personal productivity is critical. You can track social media and apps that benefit your projects. Ical time tracker helps you manage tasks and plan vacations.

More tools to help manage projects better

TimeCamp gives you a free trial of all its features, so you can evaluate if you'll switch from your calendar or take advantage of the add-ons on TimeCamp.

The free plan allows you to keep track of attendance, connect to one app, and export detailed reports as PDFs. The paid version unlocks premium features such as custom reports, team productivity monitoring, detailed billing and invoicing, and more.

Remember that TimeCamp is more than just an iCal add-on for keeping track of your working hours.

Collaborating on a project is easy

TimeCamp makes it easy to keep everyone on a team from manually syncing their schedules. To keep track of time spent on various projects, each team member can create their timesheet using the project calendar and convert the logged hours into invoices.

With TimeCamp, you can integrate multiple calendars into a single project for accurate ROI estimation.

Ical time tracker is automatic

TimeCamp can automatically allocate your upcoming appointments to clients, projects, and tasks. If TimeCamp finds a project-related keyword in a calendar event, it will automatically assign the event to the correct project.

Ical time tracker in different modes

With TimeCamp iCal integration, you can track time using a browser plug-in, a simple manual timer, or a desktop app for Macs with different work tools. You can integrate your calendar or you can import a structure from your favorite project management tool like Trello.