We’ve released new Google Chrome Plugin ➡️ and Edge Plugin ➡️ . Track time directly in your browser.
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Todoist time tracking

Boost your Todoist app with TimeCamp - a powerful time tracking plugin. Start improving your productivity now.

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How it works

Get the TimeCamp Chrome Extension for Todoist and track time with just a click of a button!

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Todoist time tracking made simple

With our Todoist Chrome extension for time tracking, you can bring your productivity on a higher level. Track time on tasks with 1 click without leaving Todoist. Press the TimeCamp button on your task to start tracking time.

Robust reporting on your teams' performance

Improve team performance and project profitability. See how much time your people spent on projects and tasks. Schedule automatic email reports. Export data to Excel, PDF, or share reports with the link.

Better project management

Use the TimeCamp time tracking app to make sure that your Todoist projects on budget and time. Assign a time budget to your projects and todos. Set up billing rates for your employees and clients. Lastly, bill clients for your time using our invoicing feature.

Boost productivity with automatic time tracking

Install the TimeCamp desktop app and see the time spent on apps and websites. Track time to Todoist tasks in the background. Improve productivity and stay focused.

The best of both worlds

Use TimeCamp to boost your Todoist users' time management. Start your time tracking experience now!

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Easy setup

Note: If you don't have a TimeCamp account, click here to register for a free 14-day trial.

Below you can find how to enable the integration:

timecamp automatic mode


Start a free 14-day trial with TimeCamp.


Enable Todoist integration in TimeCamp account settings


Get TimeCamp Google Chrome plugin and track time with inside the Todoist task view.

Benefits include

With TimeCamp you can automatically track time to Todoist tasks, but you can also integrate it with 30+ tools. The desktop app allows you to easily track time to tasks in the background with 1 click. It also allows you to track time spent on apps & websites for better productivity & proof of work. With billing feature, you can assign labor costs to your projects and tasks and invoice your clients with ease.

Now, the first 14 days of using TimeCamp are completely free. You can set up your account here. After that, prices start from $7 per user per month. You can read more about our pricing here.

If you are managing your projects in Todoist, with TimeCamp time tracking integration you will be able to measure the time spent on tasks. Thanks to this, you can check their profitability, improve billing and make better estimations of your future projects.

Install TimeCamp Google Chrome plugin in your browser and that’s it! You can track time now without the need of leaving Todoist. Just click “Start” on a task and be productive!

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One simple tool to measure everything your business needs.

Remember, you can't improve something if you're not measuring it! If you're tired of the constant guessing, give TimeCamp a go!

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