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A time card calculator helps you keep track of your work hours to calculate exact payroll.

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Time card calculator, also known as timesheet calculator, generates employee time cards, which indicate at what time the employees start and end their work. It's an alternative for time clock software, especially for those who look for a simple solution to calculate their weekly totals (or for other time periods set out in their contract or agreement).

But not only the team members can benefit from using it - the same goes for freelancers who are hourly billed for their services. Aprofessional accountant or payroll administrators will certainly appreciate its support in their daily struggling with financial data.

As you can see, our weekly timecard calculator works pretty straightforward. Freelancers or employees enter their name, determine a workweek, input start and finish time, and a break time (e.g., lunch break, o,5 hours, or a full hour). At the end of each row, you'll find the total result of how many hours you'd worked for a particular day. The calculator shows the results in a decimal time.

If you filled all the fields with weekly timecard hours, then you can hit the 'download' button and print your timecard or send a PDF copy to your employer. No matter the payroll administrators, employees, or freelancers, they can also analyze the data on time cards and find out if there's a reason for overtime pay for a given period, e.g. for a week or month, depends on employment regulations.

Fortunately, it's not rocket science to find a free timesheet calculator on the market. Working at an hourly rate? Now, there's no reason to calculate your weekly hours by hand; the time card calculator, which is easily accessible from anywhere, can do it for you. Input your in and out time for each day, add breaks and get the total hours for the entire week. Then click the 'download' button to save or print the time card. Show the hours worked to your clients as proof of work and get paid fairly for regular hours and overtime.

A worktime calculator isn't packed with advanced features like, e.g., an automatic time tracker, but it clearly shows how many overtime hours we've worked in the given time period. Knowing the total hours worked for a week (it should be assigned in the employment contract), you can clearly see and calculate overtime; just subtract this number from the total hours worked.

First and foremost, it's the easiest way to calculate hours and, so on, the total pay for each employee. It's beneficial for both payroll and attendance processes. Knowing their pay rate, hourly employees can easily calculate their income (on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on employment conditions). But it's not the only way a time card and overtime calculator can be beneficial to your business.

It's also perfect for calculating overtime. It's highly beneficial because the overtime rate is higher than the federal minimum wage. Based on time cards generated by an hours calculator or a timesheet calculator it's easy to notice employees should be paid more for ar particular date.

As mentioned before, freelancers will also benefit from using a timesheet calculator, especially when billed hourly instead of per job done. Once they generate a time card, they can send it to their customers and get paid fairly, based on the number of hours and preset pay rate.

Besides, an automatic time card calculator is a huge game-changer for more efficient project management. It clearly shows how many hours the projects take, just one glance at the time cards and we're able to calculate the total result and use it for further estimations.

After all, those who are billed for the finished tasks and their results will find the time card calculator helpful. Knowing how much time they spend on their work in the given time, they'll find out how much time-consuming their job is.

What's more, time card calculators are free, so it significantly affects employee time and payroll costs. Once you generate a time card, download or print it to keep the time clock documents in perfect order.

As you can see, a free time card calculator is a huge help for employee payroll calculations ad other financial data. Once you input the hours, add the hourly rates and overtime rates, you'll get the results of how much you should pay each employee, e.g. for a week. It helps track the working hours and keep the employees' papers in order.

Track the working hours, download the time cards, save them or print to complete the documentation. Find out the number of overtime hours for a specific week.

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