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- check how much do you save with us!

ROI time tracking calculator is an answer on why should you even consider time tracking at your company. Because, if getting real control on your projects, better workforce management, and better time management is not enough… just focus on your Return On Investment.

TimeCamp is not monitoring your employee's time at work just to help your managers. This is a real money-saver because for a few reasons.

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Our ROI time tracking calculator will show you how much you can really save.

First, with TimeCamp, you save your team member’s time that they spend on filling timesheets. And it can be a lot of time. Even if they spend around 2 minutes per day doing this, costs are visible during the year.

Add to these costs of paper and also the distracting effect. People hate doing things like this, and usually, they spend much more time on it than this estimated 2 minutes. Later on, they have problems with coming back to work.

Second, TimeCamp shows you how much time do your employees spend on each computer activity. They often don’t even know how much time do they lose on such distractions as Facebook or other non-job-related activities. TimeCamp helps to notice it and boost their productivity.

Our ROI time tracking calculator will show you how much you can really save.

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ROI time tracking calculator is a simple tool that helps you with counting how much money can you save with TimeCamp. It estimates the amount, including a 10% increase in the utilization rate because this is the usual increase among our customers.

But the reality is that you can actually save even more. It all depends on your team and how do you use TimeCamp.

Using our ROI time tracking calculator couldn’t be easier (we really put attention to usability while creating it).

Simply fill the first box with an amount of the employees who are filling timesheets at your company or projects, to the second put how much do you bill per hour, and to the last box the billable rate.

While using our ROI time tracking calculator for the first time, you can estimate how much money will you save after purchasing TimeCamp and letting it automatically fill the timesheets.

However, you can also check how much would you save if you increase your utilization rate even more - with a help of the data that TimeCamp gives you.

Simply check how the amount of saved money changes when you increase your billable utilization.

TimeCamp monitors all the computer’s activity. That is why you and your employees will be able to see how much do they spend on a particular activity and improve it. It’s not just about spending too much time on breaks surfing on social media because your team members have issues with time-controlling.

Imagine that your employee spends a lot more time on the same work-related activities than their colleagues. Without TimeCamp it would be hard to notice. But when you do, you can ask the most efficient team members to teach other employees how do they handle these tasks.

And suddenly, your utilization rate is increasing!

If you haven’t tried TimeCamp yet, don’t wait.

You will save more money with the Premium Version, but you can also choose 100% Free Plan to start.