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October, 2020

New role in Timecamp: Guest!

Invite new users to TimeCamp and control what they can see - with restricted permissions, they’ll be able to access selected reports and tasks and subtasks assigned to them. Perfect for companies and freelancers who use hourly billing!

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Structure your projects and manage time better with Tags!

Introducing a new way of organizing data in Timecamp - tags! Add fixed tags to your projects and tasks, assign tags to particular time entries, create lists of tags that can be limited to the specific group of users.

What is more, filter them in reports to find out how much time you spend on each tag. Make task and time management in Timecamp even more comprehensive!

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DPM Badge

Users trust us!

Happy to announce we’re highlighted by The Digital Project Manager as one of the Best Time Tracking Software for Employees! Timecamp is getting more recognizable as a rich-packed time tracking tool offering a wide range of integrations and giving insights of how the team is performing.

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Two-factor authentication

New security level

Add a new security level to your account! Now you can enable two-steps authentication in TimeCamp and be even more sure that your data is safely stored.

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